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Lynk, driven by people, powered by technology.

With Lynk Enterprise Solutions, you will benefit from the experience of our seasoned research team, as well as from our data-driven curation of experts, that we are currently actively developing.

98.9% of our clients proceed in fully completing the consultation calls. Alternative experts were found in all remaining cases, and many clients later request follow-up calls with the expert.

We are the choice of global enterprises, top investment and consulting firms, SMEs & entrepreneurs.
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Quality and Suitability of Expert Guaranteed

All projects are personally handled by our research team, ensuring relevant results, everytime.

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End-to-End support, every step of the way.


We always try to deliver you the right expert as soon as possible.

Flexible Engagement

Communicate via phone, in-person meetings, teleconferences, or short-consulting projects.

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Get high-quality intelligence & advice both faster and cheaper than engaging agencies.

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A customised compliance framework and workflow, tailored to your needs.Click here for more information.

What Others Have Said About Us
Global Strategic Consulting Firm
Global Private Equity Fund
Global Strategy Consulting Firm
Multi-Strategy Asian Hedge Fund
Lynk has really set a high bar on performance which will be difficult for other agencies to break. This project has really raised the credibility and reputation of Lynk in our company.
-- Consultant, India
After several occasions working with the Lynk team, it was clear that Lynk operates as a research partner, instead of as just another vendor.
-- Associate, New York
I was very impressed by your responsiveness and the quality of the experts in your network.
-- Principal, Singapore
Lynk’s reliability when it comes to adhering to our firm’s specific compliance requirements is second to none. Plus, your consistent delivery of regular and easy to read usage reports makes my life immensely easier!
-- General Counsel / COO, Hong Kong
Need A Little Inspiration?

1. Quick Access To Diverse Insight
What Was The Request?

Who? A global consulting firm representing a major US software company.

What? Looking to build an in-depth understanding around ‘big data’ analytics as it relates to telecom operators.

How did Lynk help?

The client was quickly linked to the relevant experts:

  • A former Global Head of Data Analytics & Monetization at a major software company.
  • A former Regional Director for a leading US mobile telecom operator.
Why Was This Meaningful?

Diverse Insight

Gathered intelligence ranging from latest market trends within ‘big data analytics’ to understanding how a telecom operator makes software purchase decisions.

Relevant & Quick Access

3 consultations arranged within 48 hours.

2. Reputational Due Diligence
What Was The Request?

Who? A multi-strategy fund manager

What? Needed to investigate a leading Asian snacks manufacturer & verify the background of the executive management team.

How did Lynk help?

Lynk delivered a detailed findings report communicating the following:

  • Business activities & ownership structure of the company
  • Indicators of undisclosed financial & regulatory infractions to risk profiles of the executives.
Why Was This Meaningful?

Lynk delivered a report that was insightful, actionable, & discreet. The amount of time & financial resources for us to undertake such a research request on our own would be unimaginable. Thanks to Lynk, we took decisive action on our position.

3. On-demand Expert Advisory
What Was The Request?

Who? An emerging market private equity fund manager.

What? Seeking to consult a panel of macroeconomist experts regularly on the Middle East, particularly Qatar & Saudi Arabia.

How did Lynk help?

Lynk constructed a panel of key advisors for quarterly phone & in-person consultations:

  • Former Country Directors of global trade & development organisations.
  • Former Senior Economists at public policy groups.
Why Was This Meaningful?

On-Demand Advisory

Fingertip access to bespoke board of advisors.

Global Reach

Comprehensive reach across both geographies & subject matters.

4. Specialized Strength In Asia
What Was The Request?

Who? A rapidly expanding US online custom tailoring business.

What? Looking to move its manufacturing facilities to a lower cost destination and wanted to validate if China was suitable.

How did Lynk help?

Lynk launched a targeted survey to gather intelligence, and linked the client with relevant experts:

  • CEO of a leading textile co. in Bangladesh & India
  • CEO of global tailoring business in Hong Kong
Why Was This Meaningful?

Customized Survey

Procured survey intelligence for theory validation.

Asian Specialist

The premier research partner for users globally on authoritative knowledge about Asia.

5. Evaluating New Markets
What Was The Request?

Who? Ren Hua, CEO at Thai Wah Group, a publicly listed company in Thailand

What? Looking to evaluate growth opportunities in Myanmar and Vietnam.

How did Lynk help?

Through Lynk, Ren Hua engaged in a series of phone consultations and in-person meetings with relevant experts:

  • Former R&D manager at the largest starch manufacturing company in Vietnam.
  • Chairman of a Myanmar trade group.
Why Was This Meaningful?

Ren Hua was able to gather insights on market landscape, local customs, and distribution channels that helped inform his decision making.

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