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So how does Lynk work?
We connect our users with leading experts to help them arrive at improved decision making and execution.
Got a question? One of our many experts may have the answer.
Choose experts based on their relevance and expertise.
Phone calls, in-person meetings, teleconferences & consulting projects.
We want to empower people by giving them access to knowledge and advice that they otherwise wouldn’t have had access to.

--- Peggy Choi, Founder & CEO
Why Lynk?
Our experts are carefully curated and reviewed.
Experience results – fast.
Engage on an ‘as-needed basis’.
Cost Savings
Hire relevant experts for only as long as needed.
We take care of documentation, verification and conflict checks.
You can trust in the quality of our experts, everytime.
Featured Lynk Experts
Alan Hsu
Venture Capitalist at Venture Capital

Over 15 years’ experience in Venture Capital (ICT), Private Equity (FIG), Investment banking (TMT), Supply Chain Management and Management Consulting.

Arie Y. Levy Cohen
Founder & CFO at Singular DTV

A thought leader in the field of generational wealth preservation and tail risk management with over 24 years of experience and a keen eye for emerging trends and technologies.

Bertrand Dezard
Founder of Blue Tribe Ltd
United Kingdom

Currently CEO of Blue Tribe Ltd, he is a seasoned Digital Payments executive with experience across Europe, Asia and the U.S. at leading players including Be2bill, VISA and Braintree.

Bob Bonomo
President at Bob Bonomo
Greater New York City Area

An executive level Technology, Process and Business Consultant and former Chief Information Officer at two major Wall Street Firms with over 25 years’ experience.

Frank Schuil
CEO, Co-Founder and Board Member at Safello

CEO & Co-founder of Safello, a Techstars alumni, where he leads efforts to help tens of thousands of customers in and out of the cryptocurrency economy in a safe and compliant way.

Joseph Lubin
Founder at Consensus Systems (ConsenSys) & Co-Founder of Ethereum

One of the foremost Blockchain flag bearers, his two companies – Ethereum & ConsenSys – are making waves in providing a democratic, decentralized and disintermediated Blockchain platform.

Paul Santos
Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Wavemaker Partners

An experienced entrepreneur and venture investor who has co-founded six companies and invested in 50+ startups including Luxola (acq. by LVMH), Gushcloud (acq. by YelloMobile) and Pie (acq. by Google).

Richard Payne
HR Strategy Consultant

Boasts 25+ years of experience in strategic HR consulting in APAC advising companies on talent management, organization restructuring and compensation issues.

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What Others Have Said About Us
Global Strategic Consulting Firm
Regional Distributor
Vice President Asia Pacific, Thouw Nutrition International
Director, Thai Wah Group
Global Strategic Consulting Firm
Co-Founder & Director, Global Services in Education
Have never experienced this kind of quick turnaround and high quality experts with any other agency.
-- Consultant, India
As an international business consultant I would like to recommend Lynk as one of the most perfect business matchmakers where business executives or investors can obtain shortcut consultancy through local experts in the business fields they are exploring.
-- Managing Director, Thailand
Lynk has product & area specific focus which is valuable to companies looking to understand a particular business area better. They take the trouble to understand needs and match that to experts in the field.
-- Nabil Chinniah, Indonesia
Lynk has been our invaluable knowledge and strategic partner in developing our market entry strategies. Specifically where data can be scarce, the quality of the network has been instrumental in refining our understanding of competitive trends and new insights.
-- Ren Hua Ho, Thailand
I’ve dealt with other resources in the past, and you’re far and away the best in terms of quickly matching people with super-relevant backgrounds, who always can speak very knowledgably, and (very importantly) not sending over mountains of semi-relevant profiles that I have to fish through.
-- Consultant, Asia
Through the network, I was able to obtain up-to-date insights on market trends that are otherwise not available, or would have taken me a really long time to find. It helped us win the contract!
-- Greg Parry, China
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