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Lynk Compliance

Lynk upholds a robust Information Security and Compliance Framework to ensure that we meet all necessary regulatory and contractual obligations across our platform.

The Framework is essential in providing us with a solid foundation that offers flexibility for customers to customize based on their requirements and needs.

ISO 27001 Certified

Lynk is ISO 27001 certified. Lynk operates under The Straits Network Ltd, a Hong Kong Limited Company.  To view our certification and  more information go to:

ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security management systems (ISMS) by the International Organization for Standardization and International Electrotechnical Commission and is regarded globally as the gold standard for information security.Achieving ISO 27001 certification demonstrates Lynk’s commitment to information security, user privacy and overall best practices of international business standards. The accreditation recognizes that Lynk has met the framework for implementing an ISMS to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of corporate data, and meets the global standard for how businesses should manage risk in order to uphold the highest level of information security.

For Members in Lynk Network

  • Accept or decline projects based on your discretion. You are free to accept or decline any offer for a consultation or a project ("Engagement")

  • You should only accept an Engagement if there is no conflict, that the Engagement is lawful, and you have adequate knowledge on the topic(s) relevant to the Engagement

  • Adherence to Confidentiality Requirements. You shall not disclose or attempt to use personally any of Confidential Information that has been disclosed or made known to you because of your participation in any Engagement or your receipt of an offer for Engagement through Lynk

  • You must be aware of what constitutes Confidential Information under various circumstances. You must not disclose any Confidential Information to any client (other than that client's own Confidential Information), whether during the course of an Engagement or otherwise

  • Agree to Non-Solicitation. Upon participating in an Engagement or receiving an offer for an Engagement, you will only communicate with the Client through Lynk, and you will not try to contact or solicit the Client directly. Otherwise, Lynk cannot facilitate the arrangement, payment or compliance checks for such activities

Consultation Compliance for Enterprises

Obtaining insights from experts is an important component of the research process and investment strategy of our customers. At Lynk, all interactions with Lynk Experts are governed by a robust best-in-class compliance framework, which can be customised and deployed based on the requirements of each customer. This enables our customers and experts to reduce exposure to potential conflicts and mitigate risks.  

1. Data Collection & Tracking

Data collection and tracking allows for active monitoring and audits

  • Comprehensive experts profile data maintained and updated regularly
  • Interaction between Lynk Experts and Customers stored and linked to respective experts profiles
  • Regular background verification of Experts through database searches (e.g. Thomson Reuters World-Check) and reference checks
  • Customisable usage reports generated based on client requirements (e.g. monthly, quarterly, annually)

2. Contract and Training

Contract and Training ensures understanding of rights and obligations

  • Lynk Experts are coached on an understanding their roles and responsibilities
  • Mandatory training tutorial and assessment at the point of joining and annually thereafter
  • Mandatory acknowledgment of Lynk's Terms & Conditions by Lynk Experts prior to any consultation with Lynk's enterprise customers, requiring experts to:

i) Accept and conduct consultation in accordance with other third-party obligations (e.g. employment contracts)
ii) Decline projects that may present a conflict of interest
iii) Not discuss confidential, material non-public information (MNPI)
iv) Not discuss or speak on behalf of their current employer

3. Rule-based Approval

Rule-based approval system to enable customization and configuration for enterprise customers

  • Lynk Experts are not allowed to participate in consultations related to their existing employers
  • Regular checks against "Do Not Call List". Lynk maintains a proprietary "Do Not Call List" which contains companies that have disallowed their employees to participate in external consultations
  • Customisable rule-based selection criteria as required (e.g. customers trading public equities requesting not to be matched with Knowledge Partners currently/ recently employed in publicly traded companies)

4. Pre-Consultation Checks and Post-Consultation Feedback

Pre-consultation checks and post-consultation feedback to facilitate improvement of the framework

  • Lynk obtains feedback from both customers and experts post-consultation
  • Feedback is factored into future Lynk Experts selection process

For Employers

At Lynk, we strictly instruct all parties participating in our platform activities to consult in accordance with company policies, employment contracts, or any other relevant third-party agreements. Participants are expressly forbidden from sharing or discussing any material, proprietary or confidential information (company-specific or otherwise). We have a strict legal and compliance framework in place to support this policy.

We duly respect organisations' policies prohibiting external consultations on platforms such as Lynk. As such, we have created and actively maintain a proprietary "Do Not Call List". This will enable Lynk to enforce such policies on any employees currently on our Platform, or who register in the future. If you are an employer and want to inform us of any policies you have regarding external consultations, please feel free to do so by emailing us at .

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